NASA/UL Lafayette Regional Application Center – June 1, 2017

Workshop Description:

This workshop highlights geospatial data sets related to hurricane season preparation, emergency response operations, and ongoing recovery efforts. Presentations will include an overview of the data clearinghouses, applications, and data acquisitions of federal and state agencies which collect and host geospatial data. Participants can follow along on desktop computers by identifying, locating, and viewing geospatial data and information.

The workshop this year included the first GIS-Based Hurricane Tabletop Exercise for Louisiana. We simulate a Category 5 event and walk through the activation process, coordination/planning phases, response/recovery and end the session with a “hot wash” or after action report.





9:00 am          Welcome and Introductions

Brent Yantis, NASA/UL Lafayette Regional Application Center

Chris Cretini, U.S. Geological Survey

9:20 am           Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Update

Andy Venuto, GOHSEP

9:35 am           Geospatial Resources from the National Weather Service

Jonathan Brazzell, National Weather Service

10:05 am        National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Flood Workshop Results

Peter O’Rourke and Ryan Lanclos, NAPSG Foundation

10:25 am         Break

10:45 am        FEMA Geospatial Data Resources and Tools

Erika Siggins and Derek Dustin, FEMA Region

11:00 am         LA Department of Transportation and Development Geospatial Data Resources

Darryl Mack, LA DOTD

11:30 am          USGS Hazards Data Distribution System (HDDS) and Collection Management Tool (CMT)

Ryan Longhenry, USGS Earth Resources Observation System (EROS) Data Center

12:15 pm          Lunch – Provided by the LouisianaView Program

1:00 pm           GIS Pre-planning Tabletop: Hurricane Hanna

Rusti Liner, Louisiana Emergency GIS Response Team (LA-ERGT) James Ballow, GOHSEP

4:00 pm          Wrap Up




Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment (CERA) – CERA Access

FEMA – Geospatial Data Resources and Tools

FEMA – Mitigation Response Playbook

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) – Louisiana Statewide Geospatial Database

National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Foundation – National Flood Preparedness Guideline

National Weather Service (NWS) – GIS Data and Data Mining Tools for Hurricane-Related Products

USGS – EROS Emergency Operations Management and Distribution Systems


FEMA – Disaster Scenario Exrecise for Organizational Planning

Annex A – Evacuation, Decision and Response Timeline

EOP Incident Annex A Appendix 2 Hurricane Response Timeline



Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
ESRI Disaster Response Program
IMAC (Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact)
Training & Events verview
National Weather Service
National Weather Service (NWS) GIS Data Portal
National Weather Data in KML/KMZ format
National Weather Data in Shapefile format
National Weather Data as OGC Web Services
Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) – Shows current river observations and river forecasts, hydrographs, historical crests
AHPS Downloads
AHPS: Inundation Mapping
Weather Prediction Center (WPC)
Weather Predication Center (WPC)
WPC: Quantitative Precipitation Forecast
WPC: Excessive Rainfall Forecasts
WPC: Probabilistic Precipitation Forecasts
WPC: Significant River Flood Outlook
WPC: Significant Weather Graphics
QPF, Significant Flood Outlook, Significant Weather (KML)
QPF, Excessive Rainfall Forecasts, Significant Flood Outlook (SHP)
Hydrologic Design Studies Center (HDSC)
HDSC: Rainfall Frequency
HDSC: Rainfall Frequency
Radar and Observed Rainfall
Observed Daily Precipitation Estimates
Observed Hourly Precipitation Estimates
Climate Prediction Center (CPC)
National Digital Forecast Database
National Digital Guidance Database
NDFD: Mosaic of NWS Forecasts
National Digital Forecast Database: Mosaic of NWS Forecasts
National Digital Forecast Database Documentation
NDFD: Hurricane Decision Support
National Hurricane Center (NHC)
NHC Data in GIS Formats
NHC: Probabilistic Storm Surge
National Weather Service Data as OGC Web Services
Tropical Cyclone Storm Surge Probabilities
NHC: Breakpoints
NHC Storm Surge Inundation Graphics
Ocean Prediction Service
OPC Forecasts
Extra-Tropical Storm Surge Guidance
NOS: Ocean Forecasting (NGOFS)
OPC/NOS: Ocean Forecasting (NGOFS) – Surface analysis, wind and wave forecasts, surface forecasts, etc
NWS Enhanced Data Display
National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Foundation
Public Comment Period Open for National Flood Preparedness Guideline
NAPSG Resources –
National Geospatial Preparedness Summit  – August 7-9, 2017
FEMA Model and Data Inventory
ArcGIS Emergency Management
FEMA Geoplatform
FEMA Enterprise GIS Services
Hurricane Decision Support Architecture
National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF)
FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer
Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
DOTD GIS Home Page
DOTD GISweb services
DOTD ArcGIS Online website Map Gallery
U.S. Geological Survey
Hazards Data Distribution System (HDDS)
HDDS Product Specification and Services Documentation
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Launch Page for Data Download and Visualization Services
The National Map – Service Endpoints
Topo TNM Style Template
Tutorial Videos – HDDS, EarthExplorer, TNM Data Download, etc
United States Interagency Elevation Inventory
3D Elevation Program (3DEP)
Department of Homeland Security
Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data (HIFLD)
HIFLD Open and Secure
Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment
Earth Scan Lab