Established in 2002, LouisianaView is a member of the AmericaView Consortium, a nationally

coordinated network of academic, agency, non-profit, and industry partners and

cooperators that share the vision of promoting and supporting the use of remote sensing

data and technology within each state.

Our Mission

The goal of the LouisanaView program, since its establishment in 2002, has been to

promote the use of remotely sensed and GIS data by creating a consortium in the state that

has facilitated research, data dissemination, education, outreach, and technology transfer

in ways that have leveraged federal and private investment in remote sensing instruments

1) Strengthen a LouisianaView consortium of data users,

2) Actively build an archive of multi-sensor satellite imagery, aerial photography, etc. and a user-friendly dissemination mechanism,

3) Provide educational opportunities at the Institute of Higher Education ie. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and for public end users,

4) Collaborate in remote sensing research, and

5) Provide technological support and technology transfer to data users.

Current Consortium Members:

 UL Lafayette Regional Application Center, Program Lead

Louisiana Army National Guard – GeoSpatial Center

Louisiana Dept. of Environmental Quality

USGS The National Map Partnerships for Louisiana

USGS LA Wetlands and Aquatic Research Center

Corps of Engineers – New Orleans District

Louisiana State University

Louisiana Coastal Community Resilience Studio

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service – La.

Louisiana Department of Transportation

Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture

Louisiana State GIS Council

Louisiana GOHSEP GeoSpatial Data Division

Pixus Digtal Printing

Global Geospatial Solutions, LLC

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Research Park

LouisianaView falls under direction of the Regional Application Center (RAC) at Abdalla Hall located in the ULL research park.

Abdalla Hall 1st floor

Abdalla Hall 2nd Floor